• We are living in a vuca world and the speed of deep change will remain exponential
  • Our philosophy is to alleviate unnecessary human sufferings by bringing awareness and creativity to enhance the choice and beauty of life
  • To facilitate sustainable excellence in achieving a balanced equation of 7Ps : People, Performance, Profit, Planet, Play, Passion and Purpose.
  • To achieve “win-win-win” situation, the third “win” being the eco-system   
  • Excellence
  • Equilibrium
  • Ethics
  • Enjoying Experience
  • Evolving

How can we help ?

Business Strategy & Solution Coaching

  • Diagnosis – medical check of the business health of the company
  • Survival kit for crisis and special situations
  • Turning around difficult situations
  • Co-designing business dreams and relevant strategies and solutions
  • Co-creating impactful Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy which will be congruent to the philosophy and value of the company
  • Target population : Entrepreneurs, Board & ExCo

Organisation and Team Coaching Entrepreneurs,

  • Integration of new and multi-cultural teams.
  • Building collective corporate culture pre and post M&A situations
  • Promotion of collective intelligence and hence collective excellence
  • Target population : Board /ExCo, operation teams

Executive individual Coaching

  • Turning around professional life crisis (reconversion, pre and post retirement …)
  • Prevention and overcoming burn out, burn in , bore out …etc
  • Target population : executives, independent professionals

Cursors Intelligence

Ambition : to federate exchange and research from different disciplines (experts and non-experts) in order to break the silos, to facilitate an “eco-system” awareness and to enhance the well-being of our society as well as our planet.

Melting Pot University (MPU) : this is an exchange forum to work and debate with academics, scientists, professional bodies, field experts and common people to better understand the current world, to antipate emerging trends and their impacts. The objective is to raise awareness and hopefully to co-create a better future world.

Happy cursors atelier (HCA) : The objectives of these ateliers are to stimulate creativity, playfulness, and at the same time to develop awareness as well as the necessary skills for better leadership. Themes of atelier will include : Chinese calligraphy (art and wisdom), music, danse, ancient wisdom made simple, be a clown …etc

What else ?


Chinese Calligraphy

Practising Chinese Calligraphy is a dear hobby of mine. I can say that it is a passion for me. My ultimate purpose of practising Chinese

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The importance of Lifestyle

Lifestyle ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” – English proverb with Welsh origin Lifestyle is defined by Cambridge dictionary as someone’s way of living,

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