What is Move the cursors ?

“Move the cursors” is a consultancy specialised in Strategy and Solution Co-creation and Coaching

Why the logo ?

  • The logo is inspired from the natural law of equilibrium. It reminds us that we all have our opposites inside us.
  • If we dare to make ally with them, we can go very far.

What is the story behind Move the cursors ?

  • The objectives of Move the cursors are two folded : firstly it is to accompany corporates and individuals to achieve “sustainable excellence” in preserving the inner and outside harmony; secondly, Move the cursors has the ambition to federate exchanges (debates/research) among experts and laymen from all walks of life on issues that concern the evolution of the current world and the well-being of human life.
  • After 27 years of rich and intense experience in the Finance sector, the founder of Move the cursors would like to contribute differently to the planet. Combining her passion, vision, mission and ambition to contribute some softness, fluidity, beauty and fun to the current world.
  • The main essence of Move the cursors is a dynamic approach in navigating between the extremes or opposites in order to achieve creativity to face any situations

Our vision

  • The context that we are living in will continue to be a vuca (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world
  • The rate of deep change will be « exponential » due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence
  • Life will always be a paradox. It can be wonderful and cruel at the same time
  • Luckily, human has our own potential resources to overcome challenges
  • Our purpose is hence to stimulate the choice and options of life in order to alleviate unnecessary human sufferings and to optimise the beauty of life

Our mission

  • Given the challenging and demanding context, executive leaders are obliged to progress and transform constantly. Our mission is to accompany business leaders to achieve sustainable excellence especially when facing special and crisis situations by leveraging on the challenges
  • Globalisation will continue to grow with more cross-border M&A deals. We will accompany investors and executives to succeed their cross-cultural leadership in order to achieve collective excellence
  • Natural resources are precious and limited, our mission is to accompany decision makers to achieve impactful Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies
  • Our core mission is to accompany business leaders to achieve the best equation of the 7Ps. (People, Performance, Profit, Planet, Play, Purpose and Passion)

Our values

  • Excellence
  • Equilibrium
  • Ethics
  • Enjoying Experience
  • Evolving

Our founder, a solid background

  • Anna NG is a graduate from ESSEC business school. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. After starting her career in BNP HK, she was expatriated to Paris to join the Inspection General team in the Head Office where she carried out missions in different parts of the world. She then joined the Equity Capital Markets team as an originator of Equity related transactions. Thereafter she was in charge of leading the Special Asset Group for Asia Pacific and Americas. Before leaving BNPP, her last position was Head of Credit Strategy and Special Situations for Global Markets.
  • Her main areas of expertise are piloting complex crisis, turning around of difficult situations and contributing to the definition of credit strategies

Merging passion with vision and mission

  • After 27 years of intense professional experience, it is time to anticipate for the next 27 years ahead…
  • The new challenge for Anna is to merge her passion and vision together. Her passion is to create the best out of seemingly the worst situation. Every messy situation is a source for a better future. Every imperfection can be accompanied and valued to turn into a special gem
  • She wanted to use her creativity, her situational intelligence and playfulness to contribute in facilitating a better world

Ever Learning Attitude and Best Practice Approach

  • Anna has been certified by HEC as a Global Executive Coach in December 2017 and is a member of ICF.
  • She will seek opportunity to contribute to further research in the coaching field.
  • Each situation is unique, hence the approach is tailored-made. Matching the best relevant method/approach to a particular issue. The main objective is to get the best out of a situation (opportunity/threat/challenge…)